Tustan – the rocky town-fortress
a national monument of nature and archeology that has no analogues in Europe.

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“… in the wooded ditches… in the huge
stone “pillars” some weird ages,
some kind of old, strange, interesting culture
written down in solid and deep letters their traces»
Ivan Franko


Tustan is a place where history can be turned back and become part of the culture of the Ukrainian Middle Ages. The originality of Tustana is not only in its natural features, although the rock itself is striking. The uniqueness of Tustan is also the possibility of accurate (90%) creation of wooden building, which existed on the rocks. The fact is that the builders, building an impregnable wooden fortress on the rocks, roamed in the stone grooves for fixing wooden constructions. Trees have not been there for a long time, and traces in the stone have survived. The town-fortress Tustan creates a complex of rocks Kamen, Ostryi Kamen, Small Rock, Cove and rocks, adjacent to the ridge of Voronov.

Each year, under Uric rocks, the Middle Ages comes to life – the participants of the festival “Tu Stan!”. For several days in Tustan, they recreate the life of the ancient hail as it was then, in all its manifestations: from crafts to entertainment. Particular attention, at each festival, is devoted to the military affairs – dozens of reconstructors restore battles of Ruthenian soldiers with enemies in front of the guests of Tustan with the precision that any film will envy.

The study of the fortress Tustan began in 1971 under the direction of the artist and archaeologist Mikhail Rojka. It is thanks to his works that we can imagine how the Ruthenian fortress looked. True, in Tustan there are still many unsolved mysteries. You can also open them by visiting Tustan!

3D model of the fifth period of wooden building

Created on the basis of architectural analysis of graphic reconstructions of Mikhail Rojka (1939-2004) – architect and archaeologist, researcher Tustan.

The project of tustan_virtual was first launched as a research tool for exploring the unique form of medieval wooden construction and its graphic reconstruction. Today, virtual and complementary realities are determined by the main means of non-destructive visualization of the lost architecture of Tustan. In addition, the 3D model of rocks and fortifications is the basis for the planning of emergency, conservation and restoration works, and memorial montage. Tustan_Virtual will also become an information platform for intelligent management of the monument real.

Dive into the medieval journey of Ukrainian culture

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